Thursday, 23 December 2010

hooooraaaahhhhh! I'm in!

'Happy' is an understatement!

I spent my first 'proper' night in the house last night. I have carpets. I have enjoyed the day on the sofa watching my TV which I got out of storage on Tuesday...

Happy. Happy. Happy.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Creakey Cafe opening

What better way to spend Sunday afternoon than attending an opening party for a cafe?! I can think of very few! Especially when there's plenty of mulled wine and tasty treats on offer!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sofa so good...

A momentous occasion 

So, tonight is the first night on my new 'preloved' sofa, and the first time in a long time (on and off, I can count 2 years)  I've been able to sit comfortably, on a sofa, at 'home' and write. 

With so much going on in life, it's hard to know where to start with this blog post, a re-cap, maybe, looking forward perhaps. Neither seem right, so although this might sound a little crazy, I'm going to try to describe exactly where I am, both physically and emotionally. Well, as the saying goes, there's no time like the present.
I'm in my new lounge, iPad propped on my leg, sprawled out on my less-than-24-hour-old (to me) blue, two seater sofa, a welcome gift from a friendly neighbour, listening to last fm (caribou radio) from an old, paint splattered radio in the adjacent kitchen, via a dusty lead from my iPhone 4, the one with the cracked screen. Good start.  

The surroundings are less than palatial; in fact I'm "technically" still in a building site.  Infront of me is a make shift curtain made of a random remnant of blue fabric, which is pinned up at the window by two drawing pins, and, as well as there still being the odd patch of unpainted plaster on the walks, there's no carpet. 

I'm surrounded by a LOT of dust, pots of paint, boxes of sand paper, tubs of white spirit, tubes of decorators' caulk and a wide variety of brushes and rollers. A broom is leaning up in the corner next to an extension lead, a bag of rubble, and a pile of tools disguised by a dust sheet and did I mention, there's no carpet? Yes, just the cold, bare, dusty concrete floor. 

What I do have, is a warm, well lit house, full of promise and to coin an Eagles lyric, a peaceful, easy feeling. I know it's a real house; royal mail confirmed the address - by letter - and also, because I've literally bled, sweated and cried (lots) to get here. 

So now it's not just a house, it's well and truly becoming a home. Somewhere I can relax, unwind, stretch, be myself, contemplate and recharge the batteries. And not a moment too soon. 

The Christmas countdown is looming large, no, it's in full swing, so finishing the decorating and the carpet fitting are some of the last things to do, and although it maybe over a year ago that I thought I would be moving in the first time, I'm really starting to let myself imagine that it's finally coming to an end. Soon, I'll be able to go a whole day without considering the whereabouts or actions of a builder, plumber, electrician, carpenter, tiler, water/gas/electricity engineer, architect, building inspector or some other tradesperson of some description.  Oh what bliss that day will be.

"Not long",  "you're getting there", "nearly there now" ....all phrases that just have a certain irksomeness to them, having heard them so many times, this building project has gone on a long time, too long. So long that there've been times that I think I've forgotten what it's like to NOT be renovating a house... but now, it's so close to completion, that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't just bright, I can almost feel the warmth from it on my skin.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Bulkhead ... Done!!! :))

Pope gets fine :))))))

As a sensitive person, when someone upsets you because they are aggressive to you, and they blame you for their anger, it's easy to wonder if it's your fault and if you need to toughen up.

When that same person gets fined for being aggressive and upsetting a police officer, you feel reassured that it's not about you, it's about them.

The world would be better if people didn't act this way, and for once, it's local headline news. Maybe I don't want to toughen up. Maybe I'm happy being sensitive. And maybe, just maybe, he'll think twice before being needlessly aggressive again.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Frame work in.

The Real Halloween

What an incredible weekend! Cape-wearing, story telling, lantern parading, tent decorating, pumpkin carving, cafe coordinating, yurt dancing, sweaty camping, and woodland worshipping!! Allow me to explain?!

A few months Abbie joined us at Lingo, and it wasn't long before she started talking excitedly about Fairlyand Trust - a charity that actively promotes conservation for 'the little people' (otherwise known as kids aged 3-8) for whom she is a core member/trustee.

This weekend was their first Halloween Event; 'The Real Halloween' at Holt Hall and as Abbie was describing it, it sounded amazing, so I signed up as a volunteer. I'm so glad I did!

From Collages

From Saturday morning to Sunday night, I was fully immersed in 'fairy' activities. Mostly I was helping out in the small cafe, selling food and hot/cold drinks and so on from a tent with a crew of other volunteers. Mums and Dads were warmed with soups and teas, as the kids got stuck into sausage rolls and fairy cakes. Checking out the various fancy dress efforts and seeing the kids love clearly loving every minute, as they clutched their craftwork, (bats on sticks and carved pumpkins, made at the fairy workshops) was just pure-delight. The highlight was at the end of the day, as the sun set, a parade with lanterns through the woods for a story about trick or treating, the nature friendly way. 

Once the visitors had dispersed and the tidying up done, (there's no such thing as rubbish fairies) we rounded off the night with mulled cider and music in the beautiful yurt with the rest of the crew, some in fancy dress, ALL having a ball, dancing till the wee small hours.

Sunday was more of the same (but more relaxed, as Sundays should be) I even got time to explore the grounds of the hall, and incredible mature woodland. My creative batteries have been fully re-charged, I feel great. I've been able to help a worthwhile charity promoting the conservation of our beautiful planet, whilst enjoying heavenly surroundings and the company of amazing people.

Fantastic. Thank you Abbie, and all the Fairyand Trust. I can't wait for your summer fair next May!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

How to set up a printer on the network...

You will need;

1.) haribo (other confectionery is also available)
2.) a geek (this one is named James)
3.) patience and lots of test prints and configuration type things...

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Beryl the printer...

Yes she's in...well, nearly! Beryl the printer has arrived at Lingo. If you look closely, you'll see that this photo is taken so shortly after arrival that it's not even plugged in yet!

This is a collaborative project with a couple of other local businesses, who are partnering to support and promote the services she'll be offering...

Such as *DIGITAL COLOUR PRINTING up to A3.... this space...!

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Writing some wrongs, and righting some too....

Amongst many others, a few of my current 'wrongs' are:

My task list is too long...(but is getting shorter)
My house is still not finished...(but is about 3 weeks off...I think)
My inbox is too full...(but I'm getting through it)

Just had to write them down. Now to continue righting them.........that's why I am quiet....I'm just slowly getting on with it......

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

New blogs, and the blogosphere

A quick heads up on some lovely new bloggers...please take the time to check them out and say hello. A few a
words of encouragement on a blog can make all the difference.

Lingo employee and daughter of mixed media artist Jane Clarke, Miss Jennifer Clarke blogging about her life and Lingo.

Virtual PA, office angel (and much more besides) Christine Urban blogging about all things office and organisation.

Latest wonderful addition to Lingo "PR Gal, Event Manager & Producer, Fairyland Trust Manager, Lover of cake/wine"  Abbie Panks - blogging about her many varied roles including Lingo, Fairyland Trust and the Downham Market Town Council.

All good things come in threes they say.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Bunk & Pulp

I wish I had more time to write. I mean, really write, about the things that happen to inspire me.

It's Sunday (well, by the time I post this, as if to demonstrate the first line, it's now Tuesday) and I've just waved good bye to one of my favourite people; Alan (he really ought to be a 'Sir') Creasey. I mean, honestly, this 'bloke' (as he would call himself) is an incredible mine of information as well as engaging and incredibly erudite.

With more knowledge about building conservation, carpentry and joinery (and life in general) than you can shake a stick at; Alan is like a walking reference for all things wood and stone, and is now, after retiring from Fishers of Fakenham, a Clerk of Works. (more on that later). But Alan is so more than all that though, he's is a self confessed 'hoover-er' of facts, and is thankfully he is without the 'retention issues' that we both jovially recognise that I suffer from. The diverse and lively nature of our conversations, as well as the broad range of subject matter and level of insightful education that comes from just a casual Sunday banter over a routine form filling task is simply staggering.

You know when you feel like your knowledge is expanded every time you talk to a certain person? Well, I do in conversation with 'Creasey'. (It's ok for me to use this nickname, honestly, he uses it on himself!) So, although I could write for hours about our conversation, a quick nod to the words 'bunk' and 'pulp'. Alan explained that my philosophy towards history was one shared (and summarised) by both himself and Henry Ford -  who said 'History is Bunk'. Brilliant. Then, Alan goes on to explain how many Americans use the word Pulp. Other than being "A soft moist shapeless mass of matter"  it's also used for describing things which are, let's just say *rubbish* I'll let you figure out the word I'm avoiding. ;) Or, you can always ask Alan, when he gets his blog up and running. I'm sure it will be anything BUT pulp. ;)

Creasey Likes it

Finally!! :)) the suite is back in!!

It's a milestone...! The loo, sink and radiator is back in !!! :)) Just the flooring and a door to go, to make an fully functioning room!!!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Clark Duo

Jane Clark's Quilters Cottage blog, featuring Lingo

Much like my last blog post, this is about two very special ladies; mother and daughter team Jane and Jenn Harper.

Jenn is our new administrator at Lingo, helping here with the day-to-day running of the studio and the handling of design projects and clients. Training is going well, Jenn has a natural aptitude towards website content and an eye for detail, critical in web development.

Jane Harper, Jenn's lovely mum,  is one of the clients that Jenn will look after, putting an interesting spin on things! Jane's new website to promote her as a mixed media artist is well under way, we're currently testing a feed of blog posts with PayPal integration and the site is undergoing further design development before an expected launch next month.

Jenn Clark's Lingo blog, featuring Jane & Lingoliz
Yesterday I was the subject of both Jenn and Jane's blogs, so it's only right and proper that I blog them back!


The relationship between Jenn and Jane is very similar to that I have with my mum, Jill, who also runs her own website, in fact there's similarities in more than just the way the website work is going too! Scary similarities... more as it happens!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Fae to be famous?!

This talented little lady above is the daughter of a very special new customer and supplier of mine...not to mention confidant and inspirational friend.

Seen here livening up the Downham Market Chamber of Trade meeting attendee and agenda pages, Fae Harper sat quietly and illustrated the paper with beautifully detailed insects and characters. There were also impressions of the people at the meeting....including a sketch of our latest Lingo team member, Abbie. 

Well, there's just a small chance that Fae's drawings might be used on a website we're developing with a new customer (certainly they have helped to inspire already) and hopefully from that, there'll be a nice way for me to say a big thank you to these two new girls in my world, Fae and Jane Harper. You two are truly lovely!

Oh, and thank you for my was yummy, I have a clean bowl here for you! When I have a kitchen I can cook in I intend to make a cake or two to thank you too! Jane I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. :) 

Reynolds & VW :)

Monday, 6 September 2010

OK, so, I was a bit cruel...

...not giving Abbie any notice that I was going to take her picture! I'm sorry Panks, it's just I wanted to remember how happy you looked after your first cream cake (see screwed up paper bag - evidence of the snack consumption)  in the studio! ;)

I have to say I really enjoyed last week, with so much to organise ahead of us, so many opportunities before us, I'm looking forward to this week even more!

With all that in mind, when Abbie bought me this present, I thought this was the ideal opportunity for a newer post, and therefore replacement picture at the top-of-the-blog-spot

Now, can you say 'Noooo- garrrr?'

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Drying wall

I appreciate that this picture of drying render might appear to be a bit dull. Well, in truth, it pretty much is. But, as I'm waiting for this wall try dry out (dehumidifier helping) so that a very exciting and carefully planned chain of events can take place to complete the house, and almost nothing can happen until it is dry, I hope I can be forgiven for a dull picture, as this is the last ad it's kind for a while...and it's so very nearly over....(breathe!) that it IS exciting to me!!!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I came to realise that it might be a bit tricky for any (if there are any) casual visitors to this blog to establish what is going on here.

Maybe a little explanation would help, so here's the 'wwwww' - the who, what, why, when and where of this 'blatherings' blog.

It started life being all work, that is, Lingo Design then, that moved over to wordpress and this blog was dormant for a while. Now, I mostly post pictures via email from my trusty iPhone 4, (hence there's not much in the way of description to accompanying them, the camera is great, but typing on an iPhone is still a pig).

Pictures mostly fall in one of the following categories;

1.) The house & studio renovation project. Now nearly completed (I hope) the house and studio renovation which started in 2008, has been problematic, to say the least. The subdivision of a 4 bedroom Victorian town house into separate (but conjoined) living and working environments, on a budget!

Currently I'm using the blog so that my long suffering and supporting parents (hi, Dad) can see progress and we can discuss details, such as damp issues, or make design decisions together. Hopefully one day I'll be able to look back at the pictures of the many disasters and smile. In fact, being able to look back just over the last few months (since having broadband on site) and actually seeing progress has, I'm sure, gone some way towards helping me to stay sane through the last, very difficult leg of the work.

2.) Personal Pics. Things I see, and do, inspirational images maybe, if it's not really facebook material (not a social happening) or is a bit 'off the wall' for the 'news feed' I might put it here. Particularly family pics - or trips backwards and forwards between Norfolk (where I live and work) and Devon (where my family are, and I will relocate to eventually).

3.) Work(ish) things. I realised a long time ago that the line between 'work me' and 'personal me', is a very, blurred or fluid thing. I'm happy about that. In fact, I think I'm very lucky.

I'm fortunate enough to work in an environment where my creativity is not only encouraged (where previous jobs it had been squished) it's actually necessary, and my personality and outlook can be inspire and be included in my work.

Many of my Lingo clients are also my friends, either because they were friends who came to us for sites, or because I develop friendships with clients. My social life, happily, often includes 'work' events. For example, had Lingo not designed the site for I would have been there anyway....! I did some networking while I was there, but I also chilled out and watched the BMX's and Kitesurfers. I'm lucky, but it's hard work. There might be some unglamorous pictures here to prove that every once in a while too - mountains of washing up or paperwork - pictures of the white boards or sketches or screenshots which keep me company into to the wee small hours in the studio.

I hope that makes some sense... and I hope, (like most bloggers), that you have enjoyed your visit ;)


Wallllllllll (last of the demolition is done....!)