Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Bunk & Pulp

I wish I had more time to write. I mean, really write, about the things that happen to inspire me.

It's Sunday (well, by the time I post this, as if to demonstrate the first line, it's now Tuesday) and I've just waved good bye to one of my favourite people; Alan (he really ought to be a 'Sir') Creasey. I mean, honestly, this 'bloke' (as he would call himself) is an incredible mine of information as well as engaging and incredibly erudite.

With more knowledge about building conservation, carpentry and joinery (and life in general) than you can shake a stick at; Alan is like a walking reference for all things wood and stone, and is now, after retiring from Fishers of Fakenham, a Clerk of Works. (more on that later). But Alan is so more than all that though, he's is a self confessed 'hoover-er' of facts, and is thankfully he is without the 'retention issues' that we both jovially recognise that I suffer from. The diverse and lively nature of our conversations, as well as the broad range of subject matter and level of insightful education that comes from just a casual Sunday banter over a routine form filling task is simply staggering.

You know when you feel like your knowledge is expanded every time you talk to a certain person? Well, I do in conversation with 'Creasey'. (It's ok for me to use this nickname, honestly, he uses it on himself!) So, although I could write for hours about our conversation, a quick nod to the words 'bunk' and 'pulp'. Alan explained that my philosophy towards history was one shared (and summarised) by both himself and Henry Ford - http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Henry_Ford  who said 'History is Bunk'. Brilliant. Then, Alan goes on to explain how many Americans use the word Pulp. Other than being "A soft moist shapeless mass of matter"  it's also used for describing things which are, let's just say *rubbish* I'll let you figure out the word I'm avoiding. ;) Or, you can always ask Alan, when he gets his blog up and running. I'm sure it will be anything BUT pulp. ;)

Creasey Likes it

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