Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Terracotta tiles going into fireplace :)

Levelling 2nd bedroom floor

Matt 2

Matt in the garden cutting more wedges for 2nd bedroom floor

More synth proof damp proof treatment

Synthproofed fireplace

Rosie with plug pic

Rich's Kitchen looking the other way :)

I love my mate Rich - he's letting me stay in his lovely house while mine is in turmoil! 

Thanks Honey!! 

And comfy lounge :)

Lucky enough I've got an excellent friend who's putting me up. Here's how a kitchen/diner should look :)

Wire - for new plug :)

Corner work- bathroom

Spare room floor up

How Matt leaves his tools at the end of a day


my old boiler - removed from the fireplace - (he obviously wasn't expecting it!)

Toilet in the bedroom

Oh and here's the old boiler - which hadn't actually been taken out...

He looks a little shocked!

Fireplace opened

After the two new damp areas (door lining and corner in the lounge, we decided to have a look at the area that had been blocked up when the old boiler had been taken out. It's not bad, a smooth render lines it, which is being touched up before being plastered inside to create a decorative area. Rosie has some spare thick Terracotta tiles which he's going to use for the floor, allowing a continuous line height for the skirting board, for now, until I decide what to do with it.

The only shame is that it's not central!

Lounge window frame

Kitchen ceiling patch

Door lining lounge to kitchen

Ceiling patch looking good

Mums flowers :)

Loft hatch and door lining off

Dodgy plaster

Saturday, 19 June 2010

and now, in Shaun's garage...

this should be the 2nd one...tidy (ish)

3rd pic

My lounge is full because of the upstairs floors being up...

For the last 3 weeks I've been living in choas. No, scrap that, try
for the last 3 years I've been living in chaos, but for the last 3
weeks my lounge has been full of the furniture from the first floor so
it's been even worse! Today I've emptied the room. (I'm now storing it in
Shaun's garage for about 3 weeks ) here it is this morning...

And there follows a few other posts of it as it develops (I think I put them up in the wrong order - but hey, that's only to match the style of my topsy-turvy life at the mo!)


Thursday, 17 June 2010

Karen -our lloyds bank business account manager

Thanks to karen for the phone call a few weeks ago... making me aware
of today's networking event, and sorry for the shock I gave when I
turned up! :)

Buffet at network event - arbuckles

Networking meeting at arbuckles

The new wedges on top of the joists....

Making the bedroom floor level after it dropped 42mm - yes, that's a
lot. It grew gradually as the weight was adde and the supporting joist
hangers stretched, and just general shoddy construction. The builder
has admitted fault and is paying for a professional to fix it...

Disruption - lounge... In there somewhere