Come HERE, and know more.

Have I been slow to realise there are pages in blogger now, or have they only just added them? I do hope it's the latter.

Here is a chance to write a little synopsis of my blog, and to a greater or lesser extent, about me.

I see you! Oh, no, wait, you see me.
That's not because I'm all about me, in a kind of egotistical way, but more because I canbe quite confusing for some people, some of the time, so it's nice to clear up the basic points. Let's be orderly, if we can -unlike a lot of my life ;)

1.)  Personal bit first. I am Liz - born in Devon,  living in Norfolk, in my thirties. My family are still in Devon, I miss them loads. Mum runs a website about Accommodation on Dartmoor and my sister is Exeter Babies  I snowboard most years, am learning to run, am addicted to for music, have two beautiful black cats called Pidge and Dotty, I'm vegetarian and allergic to garlic. I used to rave, but now behave (ha) I like a bit of 'am-dram', alternative stuff, eco things and love flying kites too...

2.) Work bio. Firstly (odd for a second point) I am one half of Lingo Design. We're a graphic design team of 3 - Steve - business partner and graphic designer, Jenn who joined last year as admin, and me. I project manage and focus on 'business development' (making it all happen). I totally love my job. We do a lot of facebook stuff too...

3.) Secondly, work wise also run downhamweb a small but lovely community portal website for our lil town in Norfolk. It's got a webcam (which is always being a pain in the arse) and loads of other things too. I go to the local school once a week to work with a handful of Year 10's who are interested in web design/local projects. I'm currently trying to form a membership committee so that I can apply for funding to help me run the site better. (This all sounds quite formal, but it's a means to an end).

4.) Thanks to my lovely friend Abbie, I'm now the "tea and cakes lady" at the Fairyland Trust's twice annual fairs. Raising money for the charity which helps youngsters get back to nature. It's a fab charity, in my tea tent we get kids to decorate fairy cakes which is both enjoyable and a right mess.

5.) Recently I've started doing a lot more for a good client of Lingo's - Shire foods. This has recently included helping them get a server, working on a market stall, and doing customer tastings of Christmas Puddings. Not a bad gig really...

That's about it for could just about do some damage with that lot trying to identity fraud me or whatever but if so good luck to you.

I tweet - and I Tumblr I YouTube and I should probably LinkedIn a whole lot more....

Last updated 07/02/2012 

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