Saturday, 30 May 2009

a launch and saturday is live :-) It's a slightly strange launch because the site is already being redesigned. We started work on the site, towards the end of last year, along with the other family business and during the build (about half way through), the client initiated a significant development within his company; the planned growth of the business and geographical relocation to a larger premises this summer The move and expansion will allow a wider range of services, and requires a rebrand of the company, with new logo and corporate identity. This led us to agree to launch the first version of the Proctor UK site, as a 'light' content site, to allow us to focus on the rebrand and new site.

New logos are already being worked on...previews to follow soon.


Meanwhile, it's a beautiful sunny saturday, and Steve and I are going to be working in the office on our website..... hmmmmm....! At least it's starting to look reaaaaly tasty now!

Monday, 18 May 2009

beautiful bread - fantastic project

quick lists

Quick lists are great - I use evernote on the iPhone, and it syncs well with Firefox.

I just wanted to do a quick list in my blog today for more of a 'resolution' and 'public-statement-of-aims' type of feel.

Noel starts today on Downhamweb and Steve and I are going to talk database to Claire.

I've got to attack my sales target with vigour.

And with soooo much to do, I'm promising myself I'm going to remain efficient and thorough ALL DAY...

I'm going to try not to oversimplify things today, but get action in the right direction initialised.

Phew - nice list :-)

Friday, 15 May 2009

back to the grindstone!

ok, so I'm back from my business/fun trip to Miami and it was pretty much the most amazing thing I've ever done! I'm pleased that the hard work (long, long days and nights) paid off, the website was a success and I'm back, feeling inspired with new levels of motivation. Just as well really cos the weather today is severely depressing!

I'll be working on wrappng up the Gumball website with audio and visual montages...and listing the lessons learned for next year....

Steve and I are also working hard on the new Lingo Design site, with renewed energy, and we are aiming to get it live by the end of this month, to co-incide with 2 large customer sites we have been developing over the last few months. I've got to say the new Lingo site has been a long time coming, but then the best websites don't happen overnight! ;-)

The amount of content is easily tripled from our current website, and I've enjoyed writing new content based on our current visitor statistics, (tracked in Google analytics). One of the things I'm aiming to do is yield longer visitor time on the site by delivering the information that people are actually looking for, even if they're not specifically searching for us as webdesigners. For example 'design lingo' delivers many visitors per month from people looking for a glossary of common design jargon. As the 2 keywords match our name, (and much of our content), it's likely we will always get this traffic. But, instead of those visitors landing on our site and then leaving instantly with a "nothing here" result, giving us a low time on site, I've written some fresh copy including many common design terms to help answer these browser's questions, and help improve time on site. It's relevant, helpful and interesting to both targetted and non-targetted visitors.

Also testing a new piece of kit called RelationSys -
but more on that later.....

busy busy....

Monday, 4 May 2009

Lingo go to Internet World

Last week, us Lingo-ites had an very enjoyable outing to Internet world: a stress-ball giveaway heaven at Earls’ Court, Londinuim, where there were many a web-thing to see and do.

Basically we geeked off for the day and picked up some cool connections and soaked up the seo/cro/web/app/tech/mob/ ness of it all! (ok, that’s enough “website lingo” for now!) Here’s some pictures of us lot at the expo: