Saturday, 30 May 2009

a launch and saturday is live :-) It's a slightly strange launch because the site is already being redesigned. We started work on the site, towards the end of last year, along with the other family business and during the build (about half way through), the client initiated a significant development within his company; the planned growth of the business and geographical relocation to a larger premises this summer The move and expansion will allow a wider range of services, and requires a rebrand of the company, with new logo and corporate identity. This led us to agree to launch the first version of the Proctor UK site, as a 'light' content site, to allow us to focus on the rebrand and new site.

New logos are already being worked on...previews to follow soon.


Meanwhile, it's a beautiful sunny saturday, and Steve and I are going to be working in the office on our website..... hmmmmm....! At least it's starting to look reaaaaly tasty now!

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