Sunday, 25 July 2010

Dad and I do design :)

social media roundabout (Tumbling with Jaymmz)

I use Tumblr, ( and (finally) my friend Jaymz has just started to too. He calls his 'I like peas'. He reblogged my 'Jack' post; 

So on Tumblr I now have 2 new followers, Jaymz and his fella Ali. 

One of Ali's Tumblr posts was about his friend who blogs  and how he wanted her to join tumblr. So, I posted on her blogger, that she should join tumblr. 

I hope she does. Maybe she will repost. And so the social media roundabout keeps turning!

If you're lost.... don't give up. Just go and read a few more blogs. If you like them I strongly recommend Google reader. (google it) Then, go away and forget about it. Come back tomorrow and check your reader. You will love blogging. If you don't...go and pursue other activities. Just cos "everyone's doing it" doesn't mean you have to. 


The second half of the stairsline pic...

The stairs line

Jaymz says twit twoo

Temporary base camp number...err , I've lost count!

[Scan] bed idea

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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Office / bit of a muddle!

The Threshold from landing to small bedroom

you wouldn't think it was that exciting, a little strip of oak.. but, really, to me it is! It means that the floors are level and there's no odd looking shapes, wedges and trip-hazards between the rooms - it means that soon, the carpets can be fitted (as soon as the walls are filled and sanded again) and the first floor may be 'whole' again.

It means also my mezzanine bed might be started on Thursday...

Monday, 19 July 2010

I've now got my sights firmly set on a moving in date in early August. I'm confident now that it's achievable. With only a few strategic pieces in place this week and next and it I'm sure it will finally come together. It MUST!

There's buying flooring and tiles (and arranging the relevant people to fit them) and there's a fair bit of decorating to finish off. Now that the big floor boards are out of the shed I can put the last of the furniture and bits and bobs in there and out of the way and I'll have a blank canvas and space to move around, sort things out inside.

Last week I was hampered slightly by the golf being out of action and the weekend of lifestyles festival meant there was plenty of things to be doing other than the house.

To be honest; while Rosie and James were there, I couldn't excatly get stuck in anyway. Matt found it hard enough to work around them, so there was no point in me starting things in there too, I'd have only got in the way. Well, it should be Rosie's last day tomorrow...and then I think things will start to feel more complete.

The golf is (hopefully) being sorted today, I've got a few days of house-sitting left in Oxborough, then this weekend I'm planning to work FLAT OUT on the house and get in there ASAP.

In the meantime, I'm in a deserted office today - I have to say it's quite lovely - Steve's got his last day off after Latitude festival, Nick's working TuWeThFr this week and Claire is poorly (get well soon Chicken) and even though the server has needed re-setting, I'm still 'on top' of things and looking forward to a productive afternoon. :)