Saturday, 28 April 2012


This post is my three hundredth (woo!)

Like most bloggers, I am among the many for whom writing is a pleasure. I am not in the glamorous minority of bloggers who captivate a large crowd of avid followers, and that's fine (but don't let me stop you from following) I'm very pleased with my few followers (hello out there :) ) and anyone else who happens to stumble by and grateful for blogging as a tool.

Okay, so sometimes we all neglect to blog, feel guilt and return with renewed commitment which eventually subsides...(repeat cycle) sometimes I might use it to rant, and sometimes I ponder upon blogging at length, it's purpose, it's power, combined, but I'm pleased to say that I generally tick along, a few posts here and there, like most bloggers do. I've already enjoyed reviewing this blog as it's changed over the past 300 posts, and I guess I'll enjoy looking back on in future years too.

My relationship with blogging runs a little deeper too; as it's part of my job. I often get asked about blogging (by customers at Lingo) who, as experts in their business field, who want to know how to blog, how to get the best out of blogging and what blogging can do for them; and when asked, I sing it's praises, I advise that it is of benefit, as well as the fact that they themselves have a lot to offer to blogging, and that it should be fun and easy... and then I suggest that posts should 'tick off' at least a few of the 'watchwords' below:

* Accurate (don't be tellin' lies now)
* Adequate (give the full story, not half of it, and try not to skimp on detail)
* Entertaining (keep the reader hooked, laughing or crying, but never falling asleep)
* Interesting ("I never knew that")
* Informative (educating - the same idea - add value to your reader)
* Useful (what would you be doing reading something that is of no use)
* Unique (you are a unique thinker - be a unique blogger too)

The idea of this post is to share these useful watchwords with you, offer you enough (hopefully) interesting information about why I'm doing that, and to celebrate my 300th post with you!

Happy 300th post, to me and you :)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Springggg continues...

downhamweb. progress. but still too slow for my liking.
The webcam is the bane of my life. You wouldn't think it would be quite that hard to keep a live stream up and running but it is. Meanwhile Joel is getting on brilliantly.

The list of potential news stories is growing (better than my "overseeded" lawn is anyway...a new horticultural term I picked up from a client) e.g. the train station ticket office closure, the skate park opening, the interview with the mayor, the cycling Councillor and the grit bin scandal to name but a few.

Started the volunteer drive. Encouraging that already have the main crew of Joyce, Jim, Laura and Joel. Need to set a date and make some sort of plan...and could do with a few more folks to really get things moving.

Short week this week with Easter Friday plus Steve is on holiday - randomly, in Chagford, my old home town, bless it's pepperpot (rhymed with cotton socks, close enough for me). So it's busy (but not too busy) in the studio. New website designs coming in for fruit farmers, online sales of refrigeration spares and must buy the domain names for Bro-in-Law's quantity surveying business in Devon when I get up tomorrow.

That will be after my new early morning routine of breakfast with Tom. Yes, that's Tom. OK?!! OK. More on that after this Easter weekend which, with a little bit of luck will be spent on his narrowboat. The river gypsy returns....