Saturday, 31 January 2009


With 9 being my lucky number, I've always been looking forward to 2009, thinking that somehow (also with 2008 having been fairly tumultuous) that this year is going to be a bit special!!

Looking forward, and backwards, (as you do this time of year) I'm reminded of our school assembly's at the beginning of each year, where we were told "January is named after the Greek God Janus." He's the Greek god of doorways and halls (where we get 'janitor' from) or 'beginnings and ends'. The Roman bust of him in the Vatican museums shows him looking forward and backward, evaluating the year past and looking ahead to the year coming.

2008 was a year which saw Lingo move offices unexpectedly, and also focus on developing new systems and software internally. Lots of foundations were laid. Lots of work went in, and it was a definite slog. It's 2009 that should see these efforts pay off, and projects come to fruition and hard work continue.

Ok, so we're in recession as a country, 1000's of jobs are under threat, and the economic panic seems unstoppable, but online sales are still growing, internet use is up, and the phone is ringing steadily with new enquiries.

The New Year always brings a flurry of customers who have been waiting for their 'quiet time' to sort the website/marketing/print out, but this year we have seen an even bigger increase than in previous years. What to put that down to is tricky - more companies panicking about the recession? Or fruits of labour themselves? We are more established, in a more prominent position in the town, and our own advertising/promotion has a cumulative effect, plus our search engine results are strong, and referrals are key, so the sheer number of customers we have who refer us must be considered...but one thing is for sure, we can't complain, we're in the right industry - the internet grows, and we're busy, busy, busy, and we love it, love it, love it!

As January fades, so I'm ready to have my focus very much fixed on the horizon, and the months ahead. In February we can expect some large sites launched, and more sites started, so watch this space for new portfolio pieces and surely the 2009 Lingo site too...

Next week we've also got a work placement student, and friend of ours, Emily Bruce, coming to work with us in the studio. Emily (from Downham Market) is studying for a BA (Hons) Graphic Design at the Surrey institute of Art and Design, and approached us for a work placement as she's known us all here at Lingo socially for a number of years. In her two week time here, she'll be tracking her activities in a blog: and hopefully she'll get a lot from the time with us, especially at this exciting (busy) time, and I'm sure we can make use of the extra pair of keen hands on the deck! I'm now planning her time with us to include work on LOAF and Downham Web, plus some SEO and a variety of other bits and bobs. I dare say she will get fairly well acquainted with the kettle too, as it's not just a work placement duty; we all take turns to attempt to quench the seemingly Lingo teams' unquenchable thirst for tea!
Good luck Em, we look forward to seeing you on Monday – remember, Macbook, Biscuits Brain!
Work continues...tea must be made...ttfn for now – signing off and looking forward..LingoLiz 

Thursday, 22 January 2009

no news>?< good news

the tail end of the third week back from the Christmas break, and already I need a break! Good job I've had some really great news about a potential holiday to Miami in May this year, around the time of my only 4 months to wait!

It's not that I can't tell everyone about it, I can, it's not top secret, but it's work related and not quite 'in the bag' yet, so I'm saying there's no news, but there is...just watch this space...oh, and or this space...(last year's website) for a bit of history into why I might be going where I might be going...

but enough of that!

In other Lingo news, we have some launches getting nearer, some new pitches likely to come off, and some new calls coming in, so 'flow' wise, we're all good and strong. I don't want to jinx that either, so I'm not going to publicise my theory on the credit crunch just yet...maybe within the next 6 months though, if things stay the same!

Anyway - new homepage is which I love *and used to watch on sky

Monday, 5 January 2009


wow! I'm soooooooo buzzed! It's 2009 and it's the first day back in the office and already things are going well!

We've got even more work coming in, the phone and email are both busy, and the line up of projects we have to work on is really exciting!

I was up at 6am, so that I could get a head start on the office and now, at lunchtime, I'm still feeling like it's early morning, so that's great!!!!

I've just heard that it's likely we will be getting our new CRM before January is out. It will be a brand new piece of kit - called Scenario, (branding and website by Lingo!_) and is coming from the guys at who we have been working closely with through 2008.

Laura and Richard at IDS are a truly formidable force, as are their team of developers, already boasting some pretty popular auction software, and the new CRM is going to be something which we can work toegther on through 2009, Lingo hopefully becoming a reseller.

That's just the first exiting bit of news for 2009 - I just had to come on and post about it, and break the New Year Blog spot!!!!