Thursday, 22 January 2009

no news>?< good news

the tail end of the third week back from the Christmas break, and already I need a break! Good job I've had some really great news about a potential holiday to Miami in May this year, around the time of my only 4 months to wait!

It's not that I can't tell everyone about it, I can, it's not top secret, but it's work related and not quite 'in the bag' yet, so I'm saying there's no news, but there is...just watch this space...oh, and or this space...(last year's website) for a bit of history into why I might be going where I might be going...

but enough of that!

In other Lingo news, we have some launches getting nearer, some new pitches likely to come off, and some new calls coming in, so 'flow' wise, we're all good and strong. I don't want to jinx that either, so I'm not going to publicise my theory on the credit crunch just yet...maybe within the next 6 months though, if things stay the same!

Anyway - new homepage is which I love *and used to watch on sky

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