Monday, 5 January 2009


wow! I'm soooooooo buzzed! It's 2009 and it's the first day back in the office and already things are going well!

We've got even more work coming in, the phone and email are both busy, and the line up of projects we have to work on is really exciting!

I was up at 6am, so that I could get a head start on the office and now, at lunchtime, I'm still feeling like it's early morning, so that's great!!!!

I've just heard that it's likely we will be getting our new CRM before January is out. It will be a brand new piece of kit - called Scenario, (branding and website by Lingo!_) and is coming from the guys at who we have been working closely with through 2008.

Laura and Richard at IDS are a truly formidable force, as are their team of developers, already boasting some pretty popular auction software, and the new CRM is going to be something which we can work toegther on through 2009, Lingo hopefully becoming a reseller.

That's just the first exiting bit of news for 2009 - I just had to come on and post about it, and break the New Year Blog spot!!!!

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