Thursday, 18 December 2008

further counting...and Nurseplus

Still counting down the hours till we break up for Christmas !!! (if it works, this should be a link to a Christmas Countdown clock online)!

Quick webnews: The New Nurse Plus Website is going live today, it runs on Loaf, Lingo's CMS thanks to really hard work done by the super fantastic amazing Craig for the CMS, and equally brilliant wonderous and genius like Steve for the design and perfectly creative, fabulously stunning Leigh ann who had her hands well stuck in to the content. Admittedly it's a little 'light' on content as it goes live, but being a CMS, (and knowing that work is ongoing in the background) I know that won't be the case for long.

Yesterday we also got the go ahead on a major (but currently top secret) job! Woooop wooop, good news, just in time for Christmas!

Also, Steve's new preview of the V.6 Lingo Design webpage is coming together rather nicely, (well done Mr.Steve) as is the content for it (in MindJet the planning program we use to arrange content before it goes in) so I'm relatively hopeful for a launch in early 09. It would have been nice to be ready to be live for the new year, but things have been too busy to fit in much more than we already have.

The bread theme is something I am really keen on. There's been loads of inspiration for it, I'm confident of it's originality and impact and the message is strong, but I just need to refine and polish it for maximum effect. More on Bread and Loaf later...this is just a quick post, as I must go and get the client Christmas wine delivered to the local lot, and there's not long to go now before we close down for the 2 week break (can't wait, off to Devon to see family) and my in tray is still looking rather too full for my liking....

P.S... I'm really pleased with my twitter gadget in here now, and also my Google Map of local businesses on Downhamweb) and to see that my Google analytics is counting my blogger stats sucessfully.

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