Monday, 15 December 2008

27/10/2008 - first post

Hi, I'm lingoliz. Just to elaborate on that slightly, I'm one half of the graphic design partnership called Lingo Design. and I'm called Liz. (ok, not very original I admit...)

I'm writing a business blog, to support the work we do here in our studio in Downham Market studio, and to help me to keep track of the many social marketing/other web related ideas/thoughts I have. Also, not least because "everyone is doing it" but because I'm intrigued to see if it can add value to my business and the businesses of my customers.

Mostly Lingo Design focuses on web site design, but that's interspersed with quite a bit of print, and then other promotional graphic design activity.

We called ourselves 'Lingo' because the spectrum of customers we deal with throughout an amazing variety of industries and have a different set of business languages, made up out of acronyms, and jargon. My USP (if you like, although I need a better descriptive term really) is that if we understand your business language we will be able to help communicate your business message more effectively with your potential audience.

I have a thirst for knowledge in a great variety of subject matter, most of which is well covered in the vastly expanding internet, which helps me to do my job better.

I love language, and there's writers in my family, my Granddad Geoffrey Austin was a published author, so I guess the love for the copy writing in websites Lingo produce comes from there, although he'd probably turn in his grave at my spelling and grammar ;-) thank goodness for spellcheck hey>!?

anyway - I hope this blog develops usefully and that if you stumble across it, you might enjoy the read.


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