Tuesday, 16 December 2008

problems...and the original ie post.

Why are there so many connection problems at the moment?

All day I've been trying to post the following post:

"It's not every day that something THIS BIG happens to a progam SO widely used.


My advice, (much like everyone else's) is to STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER...
but then, I've been advising that for a while anyway, and it's the trend which millions of other people are following. The advice is to stop using it 'until it's fixed' but I strongly recommend stopping using it alltogether, and never look back.

Firefox is a great alternative, as is Google Chrome but the trend away from IE (internet explorer) has been speeding up for a while now, and the fight for second place is certainly hotting up, as the stats on this website show... http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp. We check these statistics regularly as we consider the parameters for designing websites.

In the design studio, we have all been Firefox fans for quite a while now, and many of our customers have migrated too. This security risk is highly likely to encourage further movement to the alternative browsers, it will be interesting to see the stats change over the coming months."

and since this morning (about 8am - oh look, 12 hours ago) all that has happened is (apart from the normal working day) constant failure to post this online.

I sit now, on the laptop in the office of a good friend/good customer, while connected wirelessly to their network, basically testing the theory that the problems we've had today are somehow connected to the router at the office. Steve's had email problems, account log ins have been intermittent and generally the whole thing has been very frustrating!

It certainly seems like Microsoft aren't the only ones with problems. (ok, ours are on a slightly smaller scale) (!) but the whole internet security news thing seems to be one of those things which I should have expected today!!!

I have, however, since writing the original post managed to install firefox on another 3 machines...!

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  1. Firefox is supreme! I have been using it for about 3 years. Internet Explorer ALWAYS crashes. Firefox is user friendly and has lots of bolts on for make it YOUR browser (if you like internet widgets and the like that is). I watched my husband crash and burn so many times, bleating on that he should change to Firebox and so FINALLY, he listened to my advice and is also a big fan. Phew! Thank you Mozilla team!