Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Clark Duo

Jane Clark's Quilters Cottage blog, featuring Lingo

Much like my last blog post, this is about two very special ladies; mother and daughter team Jane and Jenn Harper.

Jenn is our new administrator at Lingo, helping here with the day-to-day running of the studio and the handling of design projects and clients. Training is going well, Jenn has a natural aptitude towards website content and an eye for detail, critical in web development.

Jane Harper, Jenn's lovely mum,  is one of the clients that Jenn will look after, putting an interesting spin on things! Jane's new website to promote her as a mixed media artist is well under way, we're currently testing a feed of blog posts with PayPal integration and the site is undergoing further design development before an expected launch next month.

Jenn Clark's Lingo blog, featuring Jane & Lingoliz
Yesterday I was the subject of both Jenn and Jane's blogs, so it's only right and proper that I blog them back!


The relationship between Jenn and Jane is very similar to that I have with my mum, Jill, who also runs her own website, in fact there's similarities in more than just the way the website work is going too! Scary similarities... more as it happens!

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