Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I came to realise that it might be a bit tricky for any (if there are any) casual visitors to this blog to establish what is going on here.

Maybe a little explanation would help, so here's the 'wwwww' - the who, what, why, when and where of this 'blatherings' blog.

It started life being all work, that is, Lingo Design then, that moved over to wordpress and this blog was dormant for a while. Now, I mostly post pictures via email from my trusty iPhone 4, (hence there's not much in the way of description to accompanying them, the camera is great, but typing on an iPhone is still a pig).

Pictures mostly fall in one of the following categories;

1.) The house & studio renovation project. Now nearly completed (I hope) the house and studio renovation which started in 2008, has been problematic, to say the least. The subdivision of a 4 bedroom Victorian town house into separate (but conjoined) living and working environments, on a budget!

Currently I'm using the blog so that my long suffering and supporting parents (hi, Dad) can see progress and we can discuss details, such as damp issues, or make design decisions together. Hopefully one day I'll be able to look back at the pictures of the many disasters and smile. In fact, being able to look back just over the last few months (since having broadband on site) and actually seeing progress has, I'm sure, gone some way towards helping me to stay sane through the last, very difficult leg of the work.

2.) Personal Pics. Things I see, and do, inspirational images maybe, if it's not really facebook material (not a social happening) or is a bit 'off the wall' for the 'news feed' I might put it here. Particularly family pics - or trips backwards and forwards between Norfolk (where I live and work) and Devon (where my family are, and I will relocate to eventually).

3.) Work(ish) things. I realised a long time ago that the line between 'work me' and 'personal me', is a very, blurred or fluid thing. I'm happy about that. In fact, I think I'm very lucky.

I'm fortunate enough to work in an environment where my creativity is not only encouraged (where previous jobs it had been squished) it's actually necessary, and my personality and outlook can be inspire and be included in my work.

Many of my Lingo clients are also my friends, either because they were friends who came to us for sites, or because I develop friendships with clients. My social life, happily, often includes 'work' events. For example, had Lingo not designed the site for www.lifestylesfestival.co.uk I would have been there anyway....! I did some networking while I was there, but I also chilled out and watched the BMX's and Kitesurfers. I'm lucky, but it's hard work. There might be some unglamorous pictures here to prove that every once in a while too - mountains of washing up or paperwork - pictures of the white boards or sketches or screenshots which keep me company into to the wee small hours in the studio.

I hope that makes some sense... and I hope, (like most bloggers), that you have enjoyed your visit ;)

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