Monday, 1 November 2010

The Real Halloween

What an incredible weekend! Cape-wearing, story telling, lantern parading, tent decorating, pumpkin carving, cafe coordinating, yurt dancing, sweaty camping, and woodland worshipping!! Allow me to explain?!

A few months Abbie joined us at Lingo, and it wasn't long before she started talking excitedly about Fairlyand Trust - a charity that actively promotes conservation for 'the little people' (otherwise known as kids aged 3-8) for whom she is a core member/trustee.

This weekend was their first Halloween Event; 'The Real Halloween' at Holt Hall and as Abbie was describing it, it sounded amazing, so I signed up as a volunteer. I'm so glad I did!

From Collages

From Saturday morning to Sunday night, I was fully immersed in 'fairy' activities. Mostly I was helping out in the small cafe, selling food and hot/cold drinks and so on from a tent with a crew of other volunteers. Mums and Dads were warmed with soups and teas, as the kids got stuck into sausage rolls and fairy cakes. Checking out the various fancy dress efforts and seeing the kids love clearly loving every minute, as they clutched their craftwork, (bats on sticks and carved pumpkins, made at the fairy workshops) was just pure-delight. The highlight was at the end of the day, as the sun set, a parade with lanterns through the woods for a story about trick or treating, the nature friendly way. 

Once the visitors had dispersed and the tidying up done, (there's no such thing as rubbish fairies) we rounded off the night with mulled cider and music in the beautiful yurt with the rest of the crew, some in fancy dress, ALL having a ball, dancing till the wee small hours.

Sunday was more of the same (but more relaxed, as Sundays should be) I even got time to explore the grounds of the hall, and incredible mature woodland. My creative batteries have been fully re-charged, I feel great. I've been able to help a worthwhile charity promoting the conservation of our beautiful planet, whilst enjoying heavenly surroundings and the company of amazing people.

Fantastic. Thank you Abbie, and all the Fairyand Trust. I can't wait for your summer fair next May!


  1. Thank you missus for joining us - you are officially one of us (we'll get you branded on your next visit) xxx

  2. Sounds like an amazing weekend. It is a shame I was working - I would've made an excellent fairy!
    Reading this Liz, it is clear that you are in the wrong profession - the picture you painted with your words was very impressive. I could actually picture what you were talking about.

    You should become a journo - hell you are square enough for it - whey!