Sunday, 12 February 2012


The garden is starting to show small patches of green between the mounds of melting mounds of ice and snow. Between them, short spikes show where bulbs are still doing their best in spite of the harsh conditions. Thoughts are turning towards plans for the garden for next year. At last a fence at the end of the plot, building the long overdue fire-pit and benches. Planting flower beds and the vegetable patch. Starting to look forward to it.

February needs to be a 'buckle down' month for me. There's plenty to get through, I've had my holiday break, my get away, my rest, my batteries feel recharged, and lets face it, fence panels don't grow on trees. (Though a few strategically planted bushes might not be a bad idea both economically and environmentally). So I need to work hard to afford anything and everything that needs doing. I think the snow melting signals something for me. I feel a change is a comin'!

Apart from going to the cinema on Saturday to watch the Muppets (you don't need me to tell you this is great) I've had a weekend mostly at home alone. For once my laptop has managed to work for long enough to answer some emails while listening to bbc6 music or watching TV as an added bonus 'Muppets from Space' was on too, and, I'll be honest, I've just been simply enjoying the time to myself. I've been reminded of the poster at the Shining Tree - "Don't just do something - sit there!". It's not bad for you once in a while.

A photo competition is running on downhamweb for 'Snowy pics'. The day after it's closure, the folks will be visiting, and once again, will be roped in for their photographic duties to judge the entries, as well as quite rightfully inspecting progress on the house and Lingo. Steve varnished the stairs while Jenn and I were away, as well as painting walls and fire doors and generally improving the set up. It looks great. I'm just going to have to clean like a maniac between now and then.

Now excuse me please while I just enjoy this rare opportunity and melt into the sofa and enjoy the rest of my Sunday. For once, a day of rest.

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