Tuesday, 7 February 2012

And breathe...

Updated bio time.  http://lingoliz.blogspot.com/p/static.html

...and breathe!  

It's healthy to feel you should update your blog often, (what good is a neglected news feed) and I go on at my clients often enough about it; but it's probably not healthy to stress about it. 

It be done now, and I can rest easy for a short while. 

In other news - just had a top holiday in Bansko, Bulgaria with great friends (from Left to right) Pedro, Lewis (me) Jenn and Caroline. It snowed more than I ever thought it could, there were some new experiences with Black runs and powder, there were Bulgarian shouty bar-promo guys called Bruno, there was an obscene consumption of cocktails and there were no major injuries. All in all, as Jenn would say "Epic!"

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