Wednesday, 19 January 2011

2nd day back

So yesterday was my second day back in the office since before Christmas. After beating the flu (still wrestling with a cough, but mostly better) I feel like I've pretty much missed the first part of the year, so it's been nice to be back, but the realisation of how much there is to do is slowly breaking through the flu fog.

It's not a feeling of an overwhelming workload; Steve and Jenn have done a fantastic job of keeping lingo going at a comfortable pace, but the number and scale of projects to handle at once means I'm getting to practice one of my new years resolutions straight away; more planning. It seems that the more you plan, the easier the work becomes. So, as well as working systematically working through a long list of customers to call and to let them know I'm back, I'm spending a lot of time planning to plan. That is, allocating time in my calendar for actually creating thorough plans; detailed road maps for how to get from point a to point b. Invariably, in web design, point a and point b are the same or similar; from no site (or a shoddy one) to a beautiful site, and although there are similarities along the way (cross roads, t junctions etc) no two journeys are identical. For the record, I'm enjoying the planning stage more and more. It still allows for diversions and tangents...but it's nice to have a map.

Other new years resolutions include the big one: going vegetarian. This one is going well, 19 days so far, and only one slip up. I'm finding it fairly easy, but it's early days. I've been avoiding red meat for about a year now, I'm not someone who ever really enjoyed a steak anyway, and I find pork one of the worst foods in the world to digest (without going into too much detail) and while i'll miss white meat, particularly chicken (the one slip up) I'm determined to give vegetarianism my best shot.

Weird that the veggie diet and detox (partly other resolutions, partly just being healthy for the new year) coincided with the blooming flu.

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