Tuesday, 7 April 2009

gumball getting there.

It's close. It's really close - the gumbal sponsorship is taking shape. It's take a while, and let's face it - it could all end up not actually happening, but like I said, I think it's close!

I'm perfectly placed to make it happen. I used to work for a radio station as their sponsorship coordinator, my ex boyfriend used to race in the British Superbikes (support round) and I would get him sponsorship. In fact, it's how I got the job before this one - 100% Bikes motorbike trackday organiser. Not to bang on about "one's past triumphs" but I would be somewhere very different in life if I had never had an involvement in sponsorship.

When you think about it, it's pretty straightforward, cash for coverage.

But what does this magical combo-slash-parntership set up have to be like for it to work? What's the coverage like? what is the sponsored party able to offer in the way of impressions. opportunities to hear/see the sponsor name and message? there's a magic formula, there was in radio, and there is in any media, including web. Get a message heard by X many people, and Y many will react/remember*. (*the two most common goals in advertising, of which sponsorship is included)

so, right now, I'm calculating the coverage. except I can't. It's too big!!!!


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