Saturday, 9 February 2013


The start of most blogs, posts, poems, letters, essays, tweets, status updates,  (you get the idea) are a struggle. 

Being spoilt for choice when it comes to a topic doesn't always help: I could write about some highs - setting up an extreme sports equipment business,  repeatedly riding a black-run while on holiday snowboarding with best chums, getting a part-time lodger, judging in a battle of the bands, helping to organise the preparations for a massive festival, the trials and tribulations of running a design studio, there's literally scores of tall tales and short stories. It's not like I'm stuck for subject! 

Perhaps it's having too much to say which stops me, I set out to log, and it can be like running into custard. And not in a yellow and tasty way. Too much to say makes it heavy going.

What else is stopping me? A genuine lack of time, priorities which include communication on other levels means that if I'm writing this, I'm not replying to the many emails which go with doing all the above. 

I'm surrounded daily by thousands of blogs. At best, awe inspiring or at worst, awfully egotistic ; countless more interesting and informative out there than this, so what's the point?

I come back to it's cathartic nature.  I have genuine passionate determination, I have a lot going on. I NEED somewhere to sure the thoughts *behind* it all, keep track of the emotional side, the influences and brilliant things which happen along the way. I'm just going to have to take this one step at a time. Redress the balance.

I think, otherwise, I might just go mad. 

Prepare for shorter, more concise excerpts of what I'm actually doing from now on!

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