Saturday, 16 June 2012

Imagine it...

It was gone 2.30am when we polished off the Pimms and it was 11.40 the next day when Leighann woke me up with a cup of tea. With only a mild hangover but feeling well rested, (that length of sleep is a rare thing these days) a quick calculation said we were already going to be late. But I was determined to get there... after all, Leigh Ann visiting Norfolk from Devon really is an occasion where something special should be done.

A call to our destination, the Blofield imagine spa- reassured me that we could make it to Norwich for our 1.30pm treatments. So with a rush of collecting up essentials and wolfing down hot porridge with homemade jam...we piled ourselves in the car and hot footed it toward Norwich. We made it with a few minutes to spare. And thank god we did. What was ahead of us was an all out onslaught of pampering; a selection of treats to take us from stressed to blissed and from 'hanging' to 'glowing' in just half a day!

We started with the heavenly "Raindrop Massage" from the hands of Candice and Claire, (which Leighann had won after I re-tweeted @imaginespa's competition tweet) which undid knots in my back which I did not know I had.

Once recovered enough to walk downstairs, we followed up with a bite to eat: a salmon and cream cheese croissant and complimentary drink, before several hours of relaxing out of our minds in the spa.

The spa's centrepiece is the huge round jacuzzi, flanked by two beautifully tiled, different temperature steam rooms-a hot one with kick ass salt infusion- "don't spend more than 6 minutes in it" and a more moderate one where you can take it a bit easier. We made the most of all of it... floating between each area several times in a dream-like state of bliss...

Robed up and ready we headed away from the bubbles towards our 4pm date with the 'kitchen' - not a place for us to lift a finger, you understand, nor worry about washing up mind you, no, a very sweet, spa-yet-homely style kitchen-dining area where we were catered for beautifully and chatted with happily at the hands of the scone-making-Chantilly-cream-supreme-chef Pat, (*waves*) and his adorable comrade Mitch; who was doing an incredible job of waiting on our quite serious hunger and thirst (despite his being able to empathise thoroughly with our hangover situation after his previous nights football viewing a la pub...a "good night" even if he wasn't able to tell me the score...!)

None of the last nights shenanigans mattered now though, as we were presented with a tower of pure deliciousness: a most incredible afternoon tea of delicate sandwiches and petit fours served up with a divine super-fruits herbal tea in a silk tea bag (by teapigs). Our only debate was which order to eat everything in. Again, it didn't matter, every last scone crumb was polished off as we "oohed" and "nommed" our way through, savoring each bite, for we knew the day was coming to a close.

By the time we left we were fully transformed, from starving, stressed and somewhat grey, to buffed, chilled, pink and fairly plump!

You won't be suprised to hear that after a day like that, we were working out how we could do it more often...I'd be happy with every day, but Leigh Ann and I have settled on the idea that we will be making this an annual pilgrimage.

The rest of the weekend was a blast too- plenty of wine, girly catch chats putting the world to rights and of course hours of our favourite past time of SSX (snowboarding game for the ps2).

So.. only 363 days-and counting-to our next spa....

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  1. Had the most fabulous afternoon with you at Imagine Spa. Counting down the days until our next pilgrimage x