Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Excuses, excuses

I often arrive at someone's blog to find that the last post was an apology for not having updated their blog. So, in an attempt to *not* do that, I will list the reasons for not having blogged, and hopefully, that will magically formulate some sort of actual post about what I've been up to, and therefore still be, in most ways, the post (or posts) that I had been intending to write since my last one. :-S

I'm sure too, that I'm not alone in using my blog as a diary for myself more than anything that I expect anyone to read avidly and therefore miss when it's 'overdue'.

Plus, there's the 'other blogs' to consider now too. Lingo has it's own news and there's facebook (for both personal and business, and the businesses I admin for) and twitter, plus a few other neglected beasts such as Google+ and LinkedIn. Whoever has the time for all that *and* actually living?! No wonder I've had to get up early to get this done!

So. Going backwards from most recent, last weekend saw the now-annual pilgrimage to Holt Hall for the Fairyland Fair, and the 'Real Halloween Event' where I act out my role as Tea and Cakes Witch - serving up brews and buns for the visitors to the charity's themed experience for children to get back to nature, whilst in fancy dress of course. It's just such a great thing to be involved in. This year I made my own witches hat (must find time to take a pic) and the highlight of the event was staying overnight, not in our usual teeny tent, but in the beautiful canvas structure which is used as the 'Pixie Post Office' for the kids to send off letters to loved ones delivered by pixies. We woke under the toadstool coloured roof as if in a magical world; which of course, we practically were - Holt Hall and it's surrounding woodland is simply stunning.

Sadly I'd managed to leave my phone charger lead at home and so photos were limited, but I did manage to get these few - the double rainbow on Sunday morning and an experiment with a new image app to create a 'world' - a wrap around panoramic (above) I highly recommend the app - 'Pano Camera' it's fab. :)

Before that, the parents came to visit, luckily in the warm week we had. In fact, I don't think we'll ever forget the temperature was warm enough to allow Dan a (reasonably comfortable) swim in the river at the Jenyns arms.

It made a pleasant change to be able to have them visit in comfort, rather than in a building site, they stayed in the main bedroom, in the house, carpeted, with heating, and with many improvements made since they last came, particularly the garden, and we feasted on the many runner beans grown over the summer.

Work at Lingo has been extraordinarily demanding and diverse. With new customers and old coming through the doors in droves. The amount of photography in the last month has reached an all time high, in fact, I've lost count of how many pictures I've taken, but the subject matter has ranged from flowers through tap dancing, peanuts, popcorn and parsnips, blood bikes, buses, Christmas decorations, signwriting, and lastly and Italian themed night in a local pub! Again, I'm just going to say I MUST get some more pictures up, will probably use Google's picasa, though I have to say I like the new improved look and feel of blogger interface and hopefully the display might help inspire me to do more here and less on my tumblr.

I think that's going to have to do, for now. I have loads more I want to blog about, our beautiful kitten Dotty who is growing up to be just like her beautiful mum Pidge, plus progress with downhamweb and little things that make me smile that I'd love to have time to share. All in good time, hey, I'll be sure to post again before too long... even if only to 'download'. It's pretty therapeutic y'know. :)

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