Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Summer Daze

A lot has happened since the last (compost) post; we've been settling into a very harmonious work/life balance, Lingo is busy, but we're also getting things done and getting out and about too.

The garden has come on leaps and bounds for a start, flowers of every colour and now a plentiful row of beans and tomatoes so look forward to as they ripen. They even feature in the father's day video...

...though they're twice the height now!

We've had a holiday (of sorts - housesitting in nearby Oxborough again for the lovely Veronica) and we've been to the lifestyles festival in Hunstanton as well as festival too in King's Lynn. Sure, they're not Glastonbury, but for local and free, we're pretty lucky and we made the most of both, despite torrential downpours!

There's loads more going on still, the summer's not over - but we'll be staying in a little more, as we have some new arrivals of the feline variety to look after, as a beautiful and tame and friendly stray cat has decided to have kittens in our spare room! Now nearly 3 weeks old, they're just opening their eyes. They're utterly adorable and we know it will be hard to say good bye when they go to their new homes in a few more weeks. We're going to keep the mum, (I don't think we have much choice!) So we really need to come up with a name for her! Any suggestions?!  

Right, I better get on with some more lingo work, theres Motorcycle Stunt Display Team, a Yacht Sales company and an online Tool shop that need my attention! No rest for the wicked!!

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