Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Jaymzz_ new website for a friend

This is my friend Jaymzz. I'm proud to say he's my friend cos he's a very cool guy. He's funny, clever and talented. He's the one convinced me to colour my hair bright and funky colours, and then did the colouring with such aplomb that it's become a massive talking point with my friends, family, collegues, customers, and strangers in the street alike.

It's been blue, pink, purple, orange, yellow and all sorts of other shades in between.

Recently I designed a website for Jaymzz. it's www.jaymzz.co.uk he's not had much time to work on it lately - he's been a busy lad - much in demand if you know what I mean...

But finally, I'm booked in for Monday. Now, the only question remains - what colour next?!

Candyfloss pink and shocking pink two tone is leading the way for now....

Feel free to give your input....
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  1. I forgot to update this post. *tut-tut* It was meant to be a playful jibe...a sort of mini-threat to Jaymz. He'd been promising to meet up with me for a hair colouring session, but had kept cancelling.

    He rang me as I was LITERALLY half way through writing this very post and said "Can you come up now for your hair colour?!"

    The above post was due to finish in COMPLETELY different way, and I'd forgotten that, as I had also forgotten to blog, until now, and when I re-read ^that^ I remembered!

    Sorry Jaymz - and for any confusion! I'll try to post a few more pictures to update what happened next and then get round to explaining the busy-ness! lol!