Friday, 4 September 2009

A full week!

The new Lingo site went live on Tuesday, 1st September! Wooo Hoooo!

It's been a long time coming, but finally we went live on Tuesday. That's not to say it's complete, no sir! We have got loads more to add and loads of ideas waiting in the wings, but the good news is that already there is an improvement in stats. The time spent on site has gone up by 25%. (see pic of Google analytics)

As the new Lingo site features a feed of my blogger posts, (as it did before) but now also has the new functionality of a wordpress blog, I am creating a mindmap to demonstrate how my blog posts work in relation to each other and the various sites I use. Here's the beginning, showing me in the middle, and one arm of the tree which is for the Lingo wordpress blog. The screenshots show the control panel of wordpress and the online version of the page.

The other arms of the mindmap tree(tumblr, flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn etc) will grow as I develop the map to demonstrate fully how my posts work.

This will be the first and last duplicate post about the site going live - I first wrote my new wordpress post and then obviously this blogger one, but I hope to redefine the purpose and direction of each of the blogs, so that wordpress blog can be used for the 'company news' articles, resources and so on, and this blogger blog can be a bit more personal, LingoLiz's actual antics...for anyone that cares!

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  1. I like your blog very much.I'm waiting for your new posts.