Monday, 17 August 2009

A little tip

It's a simple recommendation but as with most seemingly straightforward pieces of advice; it's more difficult to follow than it sounds. To achieve and adhere to consistent style rules in all your company correspondence takes work.

It's a new resolution of mine, as I attempt to organise my 'life online' into categories of purely work related articles or events and those which cross over into the creative, yet non commercial aspect of LingoLiz. So, "Brand your communication" and "communicate your brand" is something I'm working on, finding fun and is advice I am happy to pass on to customers, and you!

Our 'bread' style has consistent strength now, the final version of our website is adorned with small graphics which are nice and simple which are made up out of 'Rockwell' in black and gold... I intend to start using this style in Lingo related articles which I am working on too (*such as this one!) I also want to develop the black, pink and yellow colour scheme of LingoLiz non-commercial created work. (such as the Tumblr page which I'm now addicted to adding to )

The new Lingo Design site is due to be this launched by this Friday - the 21st August. It has more emphasis on the web design and graphic design services we offer, and following this launch there will be a series of communications with our new and existing customers which will be branded in a complimentary way, and which will communicate offers and messages about key services as well as delivering a strong company style message.

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